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Testimonial 1

“I was apprehensive about taking this parenting program, fearing I was going to be judged and told all these things I needed to do differently with my kids. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Karen never judged or criticized. Rather, she helped me understand why my wife and I feel the ways we do about parenting, how and why we have different approaches with our kids, and how we’re similar.

“As a result of this program I have changed my ways of interacting with my family. I am much more patient with my wife and our kids. I have a new appreciation for her skills as a parent, and I understand how much of my own good parenting I’ve learned from her!”

-- Father (Wall Street broker)


Testimonial 2

“Karen was able to provide us with sound strategies for a cohesive approach to raising our children by helping us to more clearly identify our parenting and communication styles. We are now more able to maximize each of our most positive attributes and apply them to everyday parenting situations. 

“Karen helped us to feel comfortable with our own parenting styles, while reinforcing the importance of exploring different communication options. She illustrated how critical it is to expose children to alternate techniques, however out of your "comfort zone" they may be.

“We recommend this program to anyone who wishes to better appreciate their spouse's parenting methods and strengthen the bond they have with their children.”

-- Mother, Father (DMD)


Testimonial 3

“After our two-hour feedback session with Karen, my husband and I immediately became better at communicating with each other and with our children. We are now better able to understand and respect each others’ personalities and different approaches to communicating and parenting. We’ve used these insights to become more skilled at working as a parenting team.

“I highly recommend this program to any couple that would like to strengthen their relationship, be better communicators, and more effective parents.”

-- Mother (small business owner)


Testimonial 4

“As a father of two small children, I found myself initially thinking that spending two hours with Karen and my wife to discuss our parenting approaches was almost an indulgence, considering the ages of our daughters – two years old and six months. Not true at all! By the end of our session, I found the results to be illuminating and thought provoking.

“Karen’s expert guidance as a catalyst and analyst for our discussion was invaluable. The work we did together brought to light some areas for further contemplation, as well as providing my wife and me with clear, actionable ideas that we could immediately put to work in our parenting, and in our communications in general.

“The assessments we completed were richly informative, as well as giving me a framework with which to consider future approaches to parenting. More importantly, the results of these assessments helped me understand the areas in which my ‘instincts’ play a large role in my success as a parent – I will trust and use those instincts even more. I highly recommend Karen’s program for new or expectant parents, and even for those considering parenthood.”

-- Father (Business Developer)


Testimonial 5

“Insight is an amazing tool, and Karen Rancourt is amazing at giving parents insight…not advice, but insight! Through this program I gained an understanding of how my own thinking and communication preferences relate to those of my husband and children. As a result, I am a whole lot more patient!

“Post Rancourt Parenting, I find myself constantly thinking about how my son and I are so different in our thinking and communication styles. This insight and acceptance is hugely helpful to navigating the two of us through a daily routine.”

-- Mother


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