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Being a Responsible Cell Phone User:

Agreement between Child and Parent


I (child) agree that I will:


1.      Give out my cell phone number only to people that you (my parents) have approved. 


2.      Answer calls and respond to calls only from people youíve approved.


3.      Follow all the rules set by my school for using cell phones.


4.      Always put people first. I will not stop talking with someone to take a call, unless itís an emergency situation.


5.      Not use my cell phone while walking down the street.


6.      Turn off my cell phone at meal times, i.e., family meals, school cafeteria.


7.      Turn off my cell phone wherever my phone ringing or my talking could be a distraction to others, e.g., in a movie theater, museum, concert, restaurant, subway, bus.


8.         Keep my voice mails short. Further, I will give this information when leaving a message: my name, why Iím calling, and what the next step should be. Example: ďHello, Adam. This is Jack. Iím calling to see if you want to bike ride together this afternoon. Call me before 3 p.m. if you want to ride today. Otherwise, Iíll see you on the bus tomorrow.Ē


9.         Never use the camera on my cell phone to take a picture of anyone or anything that could be embarrassing or disrespectful to me or to others.


10.     Make sure the content of my e-mails and text messages is never hurtful, disrespectful or embarrassing to anyone. Also, I will use proper grammar and spelling at all times.


11.     Be the only one to use my cell phone. I will not share it with others.


12.     Comply with the conditions of my cell phone contract, e.g., minutes and functions I am allowed to use.



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